What is Home Insurance – Features & Advantages 2022

What is Home Insurance: Home insurance covers your home or any other insured property in the event of a catastrophe. There are several types of general insurance products that fall under the heading of property insurance.

Home Insurance covers and excludes products and services.

Homeowner’s insurance protects your bungalow/apartment/rented flat/owned house/built home from possible problems. It covers the costs of repairs incurred due to any unfortunate event. Home insurance can be claimed for damages caused by the following conditions:

  • A natural disaster such as a windstorm, hailstorm, fire, or lightning can occur.
  • Civil disturbances are man-made problems such as riots, theft, vandalism, or property damage caused by any civil commotion.
  • Damage caused by rail or road constructionions
  • A plane or other motor vehicle (not yours) collides with another aircraft or vehicle.
  • Explosion or smoke

Home Insurance Policy coverage is covered under the policy.

Home insurance protects against electric leak, water pipeline damage, and other structural damage. It also covers broken windows, doors, floors, and walls.

The insured property may include the loss and damage to the property as well as the house itself.

There are four different levels of costs involved in purchasing insurance:

  • Interior damage costs
  • Exterior damage expenses
  • Personal belongings, such as furniture and clothes, may be damaged or lost while staying at a rental property.
  • Damage to a property may lead to physical injuries, so coverage for those injuries is important.

Home insurance policies may differ in terms of coverage depending on certain variables. Home residence (rented/owned) and size may determine the type of coverage offered.

Age, location of residence, replacement value, and other factors also affect the policy. Your history or crime rate in the area may also be a factor.

It is up to you whether you opt for a higher premium and lower deductible or a lower premium and higher deductible. The amount of premium and the amount of deductible are both factors that determine your coverage.

The deductible is the amount you have to pay before making a claim if the premium falls short of what is due. When the deductible is high, the premium is lower and the opposite is true.

What is Home Insurance – Features & Advantages 2022
What is Home Insurance – Features & Advantages 2022


Although home insurance covers both natural and man-made causes, accidents that go unnoticed are rare. For example, acts of God, neglect, war, and other situations do not provide coverage. There are, however, numerous exclusions.

Here are a Seven:

  1. Home insurance policies may or may not include ‘acts of God’, which are natural disasters like floods or earthquakes. Certain providers may offer additional coverages or customized policies in these situations or cases.
  2. A property that is damaged due to low or zero maintenance and care
  3. Termites, rodents, birds, damage from rot, mold, or humidity, are not covered by a property damage insurance policy.
  4. Although a fire and smoke cover doesn’t cover up industrial or agricultural emissions of smoke, it doesn’t cover up smoke arising from fires.
  5. A home insurance policy cannot cover any damage caused by a home member unintentionally or knowingly. For example, a collision with one’s own vehicle would not be covered under a home insurance policy
  6. In executing Ordinance of Law or court’s order, the government or court may damage property.
  7. The damage caused by nuclear dangers or war in the country.

Why should you purchase an Home Insurance Policy – Benefits?

You may be liable for the financial consequences of a home insurance policy if the policy applies. It is also possible for you to sustain damage to your property and its belongings under circumstances beyond your control.

Home insurance policies provide:

  • Due to unfortunate events, you may qualify for monetary aid for repair and damage control.
  • You can claim insurance without being sued by a third party if the damage occurred because of something outside your control.
  • As property insurance reduces, it becomes easier to obtain a mortgage (home loan) for repair/reconstruction/expansion.
  • Costs of losing home belongings and content can also be covered up. For example, appliances, furnishings, furniture, gadgets, and jewellery can be lost.
  • Accidents, natural or man-made, may cause as much as 30% of all insurance claims, according to reports. However, covered damage could also be from robbery, burglary, or vandalism.
  • There are different types of home insurance policies, including Landlord’s Insurance or Tenant Insurance, that cater to different needs. These policies are divided into different types. When the landlord covers the landlord’s liability for damages to the property, the tenant can also obtain liability insurance. Similarly, if the tenant’s rent is due for other reasons, he/she may also get liability insurance.

How to Claim Home Insurance?

You must produce documentary evidence in order to apply for home insurance payouts, including police reports and other relevant documentation.

You may also need medical reports, fire department attestations, residential society statements, and other relevant documentation. You may also need court paperwork, repair estimations, invoices, and other proof of ownership evidence.

Your home insurance premium depends on how comprehensive your policy is. If the policy covers only replacement value, then you will receive a predetermined amount. If your coverage is based on the actual cash value, then you will receive the insured amount.

  • The present value of a house/household item is calculated by deducting the depreciation from the cost of the item when it was new. When an item/property depreciates, it loses its value.
  • Depreciation is the loss of value that an item or property experiences as it ages and gets worse condition. Insurance companies and insured items can vary in the way they calculate depreciations.

At the time of the claim, the television set’s value has been reduced as a result of a robbery. The insurance amount will be the coverage of the cost of the TV based on its reduced value at that time.

  • The replacement value coverage guarantees that the insured amount will be replaced for the damaged item or property.

The repair or replacement of a 3-year-old television set is subject to the replacement value. The insurance amount can be claimed as the cost of the TV set at the time of its purchase. The insurer will cover the cost of buying/replacing with a new TV set of comparable quality in place of the damaged/lost one.

Wrapping it up:

Having a home insurance policy is a must in today’s unprecedented times. It is always important to guard your property against unexpected damage and associated costs. You need to be sure what costs are covered and what exclusions are in order to make the right decision.

You can get more than one insurance provider for discounts. Alternatively, you can agree to share the costs of repairs to lower the premium. If you get insurance from more than one firm, they could compensate in proportion to your claims when you file a claim. The home insurance policy can be cancelled if you sell the property.


Can I make a home insurance claim on a damaged house?

You can claim on a partially damaged home insurance policy.

Can I raise the insurance level on an existing home insurance policy later on?

Can I raise the insurance amount for a home insurance policy later on?

Where can I buy residential insurance?

You can choose from any bank or insurance company that offers home insurance policies. There is no requirement on the company's choice.

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