Phd In USA Without GRE: Study In Top Universities In USA Without GRE For Phd

Now you can do PhD in USA without GRE. The GRE exam is a popular entrance exam taken by millions of students globally. The objective of this examination was to enhance the admission process of students at the global level. GRE score is still mandatory in US universities, some of them are marking it as optional.

Thus instead of GRE scores, such universities are focusing on other admission requirements. This is a convenient option as it saves students time from preparing for another entrance exam and instead allows them to focus better on their previous academics. So how can you get a PhD in the USA without GRE? This blog covers everything you need to know to understand.

Phd In USA Without GRE: Study In Top Universities In USA Without GRE For Phd

How to get into a PhD program in the USA without GRE?

The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is a common test taken by international students when applying for graduate admission abroad. A good score can help speed up the admission process and give them an edge over millions of other applications.

While GRE scores used to be mandatory, they are now optional or waived into the admission requirements of some US universities. So this action clearly indicates that from now on, international students will be able to study in top US universities without GRE for PhD.

So instead of GRE scores, there will be a set of other admission requirements that students must meet, such as having good academic marks, etc.

Top Universities in USA for PhD without GRE

Currently many US universities offer PhDs without GRE. These universities are highly ranked, offer a good academic experience and are popular choices, especially for students who want to avoid the GRE requirement.

Here is an overview of the top universities in the USA for PhD without GRE:

  • Stanford University
  • University of Chicago
  • Purdue University
  • Walden University
  • University of Idaho

More information about the universities is given below:

Stanford University

Stanford University is ranked the number one university in the United States for good academic studies. The doctoral programs offered here vary in number, giving students a better option to study at this highly ranked university.

Stanford University World Ranking 20243
Course OfferedPhd in Elementary Education, Mathematics Education, Organizational Studies, Learning Sciences and Technology Design, etc
Course Duration5 years
Average Tuition FeesYear 1- 18,105 USD
Year 2- 4 – 11,770 USD
Year 5- 3,531 USD

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is another well-known university when it comes to studying doctoral studies in the United States. Here students can easily enroll in master’s program and then continue their studies for PhD.

The University of Chicago World Ranking 202410
Course OfferedPhd in Accounting, Anthropology, Behavioural Science, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, etc
Course Duration5 years
Average Tuition FeesYear 1-4 – 66,096 USD ( 3 quarters)
Year 5+ – 32,400 USD (3 quarters)

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Purdue University

Purdue University is one of the best choices when it comes to choosing the right university to study PhD in the United States. Purdue University offers both on-campus and off-campus educational approaches to satisfy the interests of many international students.

Purdue University West Lafayette World Ranking 2024129
Course OfferedPhd in Economics, History, Communication, Physics, Technology, Management, Consumer Science, etc
Course Duration7 years
Average Tuition Fees347 USD/per credit hour
LocationWest Lafayette

Walden University

Walden University is a popular choice among PhD students due to the 80+ programs it offers and the many specialties that come with it. You can study any program of your choice at Walden University and experience a superior academic education.

Course OfferedPhd in Management, Education, Psychology, Social Work, Nursing, Criminal Justice, etc
Course Duration3 years
Average Tuition Fees455 USD- 4,600 USD ( per quarter credit hour/per quarter)

University of Idaho

Finally, the University of Idaho is another great option to study PhD without GRE in the USA. This university is the number one ranked university to pursue any program here. They offer good doctoral program options for many majors.

University of Idaho World Ranking 2024801-1000
Course OfferedPhd in Animal Physiology, Biological Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Education, etc
Course Duration4 years
Average Tuition Fees14,574 USD/per semester, full-time ( 9-20 credits)1,618 USD/per semester credits, part-time (1-8 credits)

How to apply for USA PhD without GRE?

To successfully apply to US universities without GRE for PhD 2022, there is a simple admission process that is required to follow.

  • Identify which universities offer doctoral programs in the United States.
  • Visit the official website of selected USA universities to check the admission requirements.
  • If there are no GRE details listed in the admission requirements or it is not specified whether GRE scores are optional or waived, then this is the university you should apply to.
  • You can also check out the PhD programs available and see each of their admission requirements.
  • Once you have selected a PhD program, pass the other entrance exams and submit all relevant documents before the application deadline.
  • Once selected, apply for a US student visa and arrange funding.

Eligibility Criteria for PhD Admission in USA without GRE

Now you know that you can easily apply to US universities for PhD without GRE. So if you are passing this exam, how will you qualify for doctoral admission in USA?

Along with the GRE, there are a set of eligibility criteria that international students must meet during their application process. So here is an overview of these standard educational requirements:

  • A Bachelor’s & Masters’s Degree
  • English Language Proficiency Test
  • Submission of Relevant Documents
  • Payment of Application Fee

A Bachelor’s & Master’s Degree,

International students should have completed all of their previous educational qualifications, for instance, when applying to a Phd program at top US universities, having an undergraduate and Master’s degree is mandatory. Ensure your GPA score is 3.0 and above to speed up your admission process.

English Language Proficiency Test

International students should write and clear the English language proficiency test so that universities can learn their understanding of this language. There are many English language tests available, but the popular ones which are written are TOEFL ibt and IELTS.

Based on your exam choice, ensure the below scores are achieved:

  • IELTS- 6.5/7
  • TOEFL ibt- 79/90/100

Submission Of Relevant Documents

To successfully complete your admission process, there is a set of USA supporting documents required, such as

  • Statement of Purpose
  • 2-3 Letters of Recommendation
  • All Official Transcripts
  • Work Experience
  • CV/Resume
  • Writing Sample

Payment of Application Fee

Before you fill in the online application form, international students should pay the application fee amount and submit the proof along with their relevant supporting documents. The non-refundable application fee costs 80 to 125 USD ( differs from one university to another).


Can you get a USA Phd without GRE?

Yes, international students can now study Phd in USA without GRE. Most US universities have eliminated the need to submit GRE scores during the application process.

Is GRE required for Phd in USA 2023?

No, this exam is not required. Students can still study in the top universities in USA for Phd without GRE in 2023.

Which are the US universities without GRE for Phd 2022?

There are multiple universities in USA without GRE for Phd such as Walden University, Purdue University Global, etc.

Do you need GRE for Phd if you have a masters?

Since most Phd admission in USA without GRE is taking place currently, having good academic scores previously, which in this case is masters is enough to push your application forward and get you admission to the top universities in USA.

Which Phd programs don’t require GRE?

There is multiple Phd program in USA without GRE that international students can conveniently pursue, such as Business administration, Psychology, Social Work, etc.

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