PhD Scholarships For International Students

PhD Scholarships For International Students : There are several scholarships that may be available to you if you want to pursue a PhD in psychology. You might be qualified for a Dissertation Fellowship from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, for instance.

PhD Scholarships For International Students

PhD Scholarships For International Students

A PhD from a university that offers minority fellowship programmes is an additional choice.

Fordham University PhD in Applied Developmental Psychology

Fordham University is a large academic university with four undergraduate colleges and six professional schools. It is situated in New York City and built on the Jesuit academic excellence traditions.

A PhD in Applied Developmental Psychology is available from Fordham. This course improves students’ understanding of how people evolve throughout the course of their lives, preparing them for jobs in research. The programme mixes a demanding curriculum with New York City’s resources.

Students can choose from three concentrations

Social justice, applied cognition and development, and research methodologies. All students receive instruction in applied experience appropriate to their specialisations.

Postdoctoral opportunities at colleges, universities, and charitable organisations have been available to programme graduates. They have also received honourable distinctions and fellowships.

The PhD programme at Fordham is located in New York. Fortune 500 CEOs serve as mentors to students. Fordham also provides an intensive English programme.

A fully online version of the PhD in Applied Developmental Psychology is available. The curriculum also emphasises strong teamwork, with students collaborating with the psychometrics department at Fordham.

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Alliant Fellowships for Transformative Research

Doctor of Psychology in Education and Behavioral Health (DPEBH) and Doctor of Psychology in International Studies in Education and Behavioral Health (DPIIBEH) programmes are both available online through Alliant International University. Alliant, which is based in California, is dedicated to provide top-notch instruction in behavioural and health sciences. The WASC Senior College and University Commission recently renewed the university’s accreditation.

Alliant International University’s California School of Professional Psychology is a cutting-edge school that trains students for jobs in mental health. It offers knowledgeable faculty members and hands-on training and experience for students.

In addition to the academic curriculum, the programme offers students chances to get involved in different communities. They take part in a social justice practicum while taking classes. Students put their knowledge and abilities to use in the field while collaborating with local mental health specialists.

The school’s specialisation in trauma services is meant to give students expertise in crisis management and prevention. The assessment of psychosocial and mental health responses to traumatic stress, self-care measures in humanitarian operations, and the creation of prevention training are its three main divisions.

William and Flora Hewlett Dissertation Fellowship

A PhD is not inexpensive. Scholarships make it much simpler for international students to finish their studies given all the costs involved. Consider applying for one of these scholarships if you’re interested in pursuing a career as a psychologist.

A number of overseas fellowships are available through the American Association of University Women. These are between $18,000 and $30,000 in size. You must have earned a bachelor’s or master’s degree and be enrolled full-time in a recognised programme at a university in order to apply.

The William and Flora Hewlett Dissertation Fellowship has a two-year value of $20,000.00. The Institute of International Education is in charge of overseeing it. Only non-US citizens are eligible for this programme.

The Franklin Mosher Baldwin Memorial Fellowship is a scholarship that will give international students from underdeveloped countries $15,000 each. Candidates must be enrolled in an MA or PhD programme in the US.

Australian citizens are eligible for the Robert Gordon Menzies Scholarship. This award can be used to pay for travel costs in addition to helping with tuition.

Minority Fellowship Programs

You might be interested in applying for a minority fellowship or grant if you belong to a minority community. These scholarships are designed to help you continue your graduate studies in psychology, social work, counselling, or other related fields. When looking for a college, you should enquire about the many opportunities available.

Seven national behavioural health organisations oversee the Minority Fellowship Program. Its objectives are to expand the representation of minorities in the field of social psychology, decrease health disparities among populations of ethnic minorities, and enhance the standard of mental health services provided to these communities. Each year, scholarships for higher education are awarded to 200 fellows in total.

The goal of this scholarship is to aid counselling students pursuing their doctorates. Candidates must be citizens or lawful permanent residents of the United States. Additionally, they must be enrolled in an accredited master’s programme in counselling and have experience working with a variety of groups, such as women, children, adolescents, and members of underrepresented racial and ethnic groups.

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