Ullu Web Series Cast: All Actress List, Real Name (July 2022)

Ullu Web Series Cast: Ullu App is an Indian on-demand streaming platform, owned and maintained by Vibhu Agarwal. The Video on Demand platform is currently available for Android, iOS.

With different languages and adventurous content, Ullu web series has grown in popularity as the most popular OTT platform for Indian web series.

Riti Riwaj Actress Name

Ullu has become a very popular Ott platform due to the bold web series that it provides. You can also find a wide variety of content on the Ullu Ott platform.

Ullu Web Series Cast and Actress List

Sursuri-Li Ullu Web Series (July 2022)

Sursuri-Li Ullu Web Series (July 2022)
Image- @Ullu

Chaha jise usi se mohabbat se taiyari thi, Chahat maangi par byan ki taiyari thi, Lekin zindagi ne li aisi karwat, Milne se pahle mitne ki baari thi. “Sursuri-Li “ Releasing on: 1st July Only Ullu.

NAMESursuri-Li (July 2022)
Actor, Actress Ajay Mehra as Sur
Nidhi Mahavan as Surili
Jay Shanker Tripathi as Rajan
Ankur Malhotra as Dawood
Mahi Khan as Kamini
Genre18+, Drama

Jaal Ullu Web Series (June 2022)

Image- @Ullu

Nidhi has to become someone she never was in order to save her marriage, because every member of her dysfunctional family tries to outshine the other to get monitory benefits, in order to save her marriage, Nidhi must become someone she has never been.

NAMEJaal Ullu (June 2022)
Actor, ActressShubham Devrukhkar as Sameer
Kabir Makhija as Rohan
Rekha Mona Sarkar as Aabha
Nehal Vadoliya as Sakshi
Babul Bhavsar as Parsi
Neha Parik as Natasha
Genre18+, Drama

Dunali (Season 2) (June 2022)

Dunali Season 2 Part 3 Ullu Cast 2022
Image- @Ullu

Sameer finds a girl with the rarest of rare gifts just like him, which doubles the joy and excitement of everyone in and around him in his life.

Sameer tries to trace Apni amidst this adventure which appears as a boon to many, but a curse to him.

NAMEDunali (Season 2) 2022
Actor, ActressShubham Devrukhkar as Sameer
Kabir Makhija as Rohan
Rekha Mona Sarkar as Aabha
Nehal Vadoliya as Sakshi
Babul Bhavsar as Parsi
Neha Parik as Natasha
Genre18+, Drama

Palang Tod (Damaad Ji – Season 2) (June 2022)

Image- @Ullu

Ranjana has secured a long stay with Mohan. Rakesh comes to know about their secret affair and blackmails Mohan to have an affair with Ranjana.

What seemed to be a gesture of sympathy turned into a cunning trick of events that neither Mohan nor Rakesh would have seen coming.

NAMEPalang Tod (Damaad Ji – Season 2) 2022
Actor, ActressRajsi Verma as Ranjana
Aayushi Jaiswal as Kumud
Sameer as Mohan
Shanshank Ved as Rakesh
Muskaan Agarwal as Kusum
Genre18+, Drama

Charmsukh Jane Anjane Mein 5 (May 2022)

Raj’s eyes are on his aunt Urmila. But I cannot express my desires openly. He makes a plan and takes advantage of it while she is sleeping.

But, he had little idea that Urmila was planning something else for him.

NAME Charmsukh Jane Anjane Mein 5 2022
Actor, Actress Jinnie Jaaz as Urmila
Hritik Yadav as Rajendra
Vanya Singh as Kajal
Sabir Sheikh as Mohit
Genre 18+, Drama

Wrong Turn Ullu (May 2022)

Sapna is afraid of abandonment. This fear prompted her to kill her lover. And now she is on her sister-in-law Jhanvi’s fiancee Karan.

His dangerous mind is now making a plan so that Karan becomes all his.

NAME Wrong Turn Ullu 2022
Actor, Actress Paromita Dey as Sapna
Lakshya Handa as Karan
Madhavee Lawre as janhvi
Vishal Mohan Mandawara as Akash
Genre 18+, Drama

Julie Season 2 Ullu (May 2022)

Investigating a series of heinous murders, INS. Jayant Korade reaches a hospital where all the evidence reaches this one nurse, Julie.

A cat and mouse race ensues between them, to kill and save them. There can only be one winner to break the last ribbon. Guess who would that be?

NAME Julie Season 2 Ullu 2022
Actor, Actress Aman Verma as Jayant Korade
Nehal Vadoliya as Julie
Deepjyoti Das as Dr. Ramesh
Pratish Vora as Sub. Inspector
Genre 18+, Drama

Jaghanya Gaddar Ullu (May 2022)

Inspector Arun and his associate Vikram is on a hunt to find the culprits of a brutally killed couple, Uday and Usha. The only suspects in the case are the victim’s own family.

The investigation raises a question that was better unanswered, “Is blood really thicker than water?”. The answer to which will leave everyone in an array of disbelief and distraught.

NAME Jaghanya Gaddar Ullu 2022
Actor, Actress Adhvik Mahajan as Arun
Rajeev Bharadwaj as Vikram
Priya Mishra as Rupali
Keval Dasani as Kunal
Pallavi Sapra as Nisha
Vaghav Vohra as Pawan
Genre 18+, Drama

Charmsukh Raja Ka Baja Ullu (May 2022)

Charmsukh Raja Ka Baja: Raja was born with the gift that he gets an erection every midnight. This gift soon turns into a curse when he enlists help from Hillary, a transgender person.

This adds to his troubles because after that he stops having an erection. Now in an attempt to get his gift back, the king finds himself embroiled in an even greater tragedy, either directly or indirectly.

NAME Charmsukh Raja Ka Baja Ullu 2022
Actor, Actress Vinney Singh as Raja
Hiral Radadiya as Paro
Manvi Chug as Rani
Firdous Khan as Kavita
Himani Sharma as Paro Mother
Genre 18+, Drama

Love Next Door Ullu (May 2022)

Love Next Door: Dev is a very protective husband who fights with any man who has the slightest eye on his wife Isha.

To save him from the sight of every man, he shifts to a secluded house owned by a widow Tara. But God forgot that love knows no gender, it can happen anytime, anywhere and with anyone.

NAME Love Next Door Ullu 2022
Actor, Actress Ankit Bhardwaj as Dev
Anamika Kadam as Isha
Tanya Desai as Tara
Hemant Soni as Roshan
Genre 18+, Drama

Charmsukh Saree Ki Dukaan Ullu (April 2022)

Golu, a dysfunctional boy, has a relationship with a girl every night in his dreams. In order to make her responsible, her father makes her work in his women’s clothing store.

Where he learns that the ladies he meets at the shop lead him to a new fantasy, but with the same girl. One day the queen of his dreams stands in front of him. Is this a sign that his dreams will come true?

NAME Charmsukh Saree Ki Dukaan Ullu 2022
Actor, Actress Sonia Singh Rajput as Renu Bhabhi
Allauddin Shaikh as Golu
Prashant Mishra as Sachin
Arohi Barde as Dolly
Manohar Telli as Mr. Dheeraj Pandey
Alisha Narone as Sunita
Genre 18+, Drama

Jhumke Ullu (April 2022)

Ratna, a domestic maid whose obsession with her master’s earrings leads her to a journey of darkness and despair; Due to which her husband Ashok separates her from their daughter Shilpa.

Heartbroken, Ratna makes some angry life choices that leave her in a state of forgetfulness and isolation.

NAME Jhumke Ullu 2022
Actor, Actress Nivaan Sen as Ashok
Khushboo Kamal as Ratna
Kumkum Parmar as Shilpa
Mahi Soni as Baby Shilpa
Rahul Sharma as Shekhar
Genre 18+, Drama

Palang Tod Zaroorat Ullu (April 2022)

Kamlesh is paralyzed and Savita is his maid, who takes care of all his needs along with the household chores. One day, Savita sees some movement in Kamlesh’s body,

which happened because Kamlesh had accidentally touched his cleavage, then Savita decides to make Kamlesh use his body and then starts a journey full of fantasies.

NAME Palang Tod Zaroorat Ullu 2022
Actor, Actress Sharanya J Kaur as Savita
Neeraj Singh Rajput as Ganesh
Ravi Mishra as Kamlesh
Vaidehee Bhave as Tejaswini
Genre 18+, Drama

Jaghanya Kuttey Ki Maut Ullu (April 2022)

Madhuri is a young and innocent maid who is in love with her boss Rajat. Her dreams come true when one night Rajat gets drunk and makes out with her.

This incident changes her life forever, as she begins to dream the impossible of becoming a mistress from a maidservant and to do so she chooses the path of blood.

NAME Jaghanya Kuttey Ki Maut Ullu 2022
Actor, Actress Alika Nair (Sugandha)
Atul Verma (Rajat)
Tanya Desai (Madhuri)
Manvu Chug (Shehnaaz)
Sunny Saini (Dinya)
Genre 18+, Drama

Jalebi Bai Ullu (April 2022)

Jalebi Bai, was a mere house help when she met different people with different lifestyles.

But soon, with her strange and seductive methods she became the string that tied them together and brought excitement to their otherwise dull lives.

NAME Jalebi Bai Ullu 2022
Actor, Actress Ridhima Tiwari (Jalebi Bai 1)
Prajakta Dusane (Jalebi Bai 2)
Ankit Patidar (Mukesh)
Alina Sen (Shanti)
Jimmi Kumari (Shreya)
Rakesh Dubey (Brijmohan)
Genre 18+, Drama

King’s Man Ullu (April 2022)

Raja Rupendra Singh is the king of an old princely state, who now wants to make his name in politics, but some mysterious incidents are happening in his state and every few days some corpse is found.

On one hand, Rupendra devotes all his resources to find this murderer, on the other hand he wants to keep a secrets hidden from everyone.

NAME King’s Man Ullu 2022
Actor, Actress Gagan Anand (Rupendra)
Madhura Dasgupta (Sarla)
Kuldeep Singh (Vikas)
Vinit Kumar (Bhanu)
Armaan Tahil (Dharam)
Genre 18+, Drama

Lappad Ullu

An eight-year-old Guddu is an ultimate prankster who is a big menace to everyone around him.

A slap from his teacher turns his world upside down and Guddu learns the lesson in a bizarre way, and promises not to trouble anyone anymore.

NAME Lappad Ullu 2022
Actor, Actress Perry Chabra (Guddu – Sister )
Suhani Kohli (Teacher)
Shalini Singhal (Mother)
Urmil Sharma (Daadi)
Genre 18+, Drama

Patra Petika Ullu

Lata was a simple girl from a small village. Local postman Sharad gets attracted towards her and starts writing letters in the name of her husband Sudhir to get closer.

He also read those letters to her. Lata falls for the poetry letters thinking that they belong to Sudhir.

This strange relationship that develops with the characters leads her life to a point she never imagined.

NAME Patra Petika Ullu 2022
Actor, Actress Dhananjay Sharma (Sharad)
Prajakta Dusane (Lata)
Vishal Mohan (Sudhir)
Nandu Devgan (Welcome)
Rinku Ghosh (Meher Bee)
Shweta Ghosh (Romila)
Padam Singh (Durga Prasad)
Genre 18+, Drama

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